The secret to a youthful, fresh and firm skin!

The beauty industry has offered treatments based on using cold temperatures for years to preserve the clients’ youthful skin and its elasticity. Cryo21 involves anti-aging and lifting treatments designed especially for the facial and neck area so as to stimulate the renewal of skin cells, lymph circulation, improving the skin’s blood supply and the production of collagen and elastase deep in skin layers. The result is younger, softer and more firmer skin.

How does the Cryo21 facial treatment work?

Cryo21 is a special method that uses below-zero temperatures to remarkably improve the skin’s blood supply, which in turn brings additional oxygen and healing enzymes to the tissues. Owing to that, the process of producing collagen and elastase is activated in the skin and it will become flexible once again. Additionally, the treatment will activate the subcutaneous lymphatic circulation that expels toxins from the subcutaneous tissues. An additional amount of “well-being” endorphins are released to fight traces of exhaustion—after the therapy, your facial skin will look fresh and firm.


Cryo21 facial

45/40 min
  • Facial 40min

Cryo21 lifting express facial

  • Refreshing anti-wrinkle effect

Cryo21 treatment for the facial and cleavage area

  • Lifting treatment for the facial and cleavage area 40 min


  • Cryo21 facial treatment series  5×40 min  195.00
  • Cryo21 treatment for the facial, neck and cleavage area  80 min  75.00
  • Couperose treatment series  5 x 30 min  185.00
  • One-time couperose treatment session  30 min  40.00

*The procedure is safe but there are some contraindications: phlebitis, thrombophlebitis and varicose veins in the area to be treated / pregnancy / inflammatory processes, acute diseases / organ transplants / cold urticaria, Raynaud’s disease.