What is Cryo21?

Cryotherapy is the controlled used of extreme cold; it is very effective in slowing the aging process of the skin, losing weight and treating minor injuries.
The Cryo21 treatments are based on a natural and efficient method of cryotherapy. The therapy is performed with a special CRYO21 device that has achieved great success in Norway, Sweden and Finland, as it produces fast and lasting results.

What does the procedure do?

  • Helps you get rid of unwanted fat and reduces cellulite to achieve the body shape and weight that you desire.

  • Boosts skin cell renewal in the face and neck area and gives a youthful look.

  • The procedure provides excellent results in treating couperose, acute acne and facial swelling as well as helps to even skin tone.

  • Treats minor injuries: painful, stiff and swollen joints.

  • The treatment is safe, painless and does not have side effects

  • Triggers “happiness hormones” that contribute to your physical and mental well-being.

” Our clinic, located in central Tallinn, offers you private and professional service—you will feel refreshed and more energetic after each treatment.  ”

CRYO21 Face

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CRYO21 Body

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CRYO21 Sport

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Cryo 21 on vist esimene iluprotseduur, mille tulemusi on kohe peale seanssi näha! Väga rahul!

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